2018 South Africa Tour 1st Test Result

The first test of the 2018 South Africa Tour was played in Pretoria on Saturday 27 October, with Australia defeating South Africa 46-16.
In very hot conditions at the Grizzlies Rugby Club Ground in Pretoria, Australia was
given an early fright when the South Africa Rhino’s scored the opening try. It
took the tourists some time to gain their composure and for quite a lengthy time
the scores were locked at 10 all. At half time Australia had edged to a slight lead
of 16-10.
The second half proved to be a different affair with Australia proving to be too fast in the ruck area causing the Rhino’s difficulty in defence. Tries to Jesse Domic, Jack Peacock and Declan Morrisey put Australia in a comfortable position as the match wore on but it must be said the tourists were not clinical in their
execution and will be looking to improve for the second test in two days time.
Tries: Dylan Izzard 2, Matt Jurd 2, Declan Morrisey, Luke Jurd, Jack Peacock, Jesse Domic
Goals: Dylan Izzard 7
Players’ Player: Dylan Izzard
Man of the Match: Matt Jurd
Team List:
1. Dylan Izzard
2. Jayden Baker
3. Declan Morrissey
4. Malachi Morgan
5. Billy Butler
6. Ryan Cameron
7. Luke Jurd
9. Chris Ostwald
10. Jack Peacock
11. Jesse Domic
12. Sam Collins
13. Kobe Tararo
14. Dalton Phillips
15. Tom Watkins
16. Kobi Annand
17. Matt Butler
18. Alex Fisher

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