2018 South Africa Tour 2nd Test Result, October 29 in Pretoria

In balmy evening conditions at Grizzlies Stadium Pretoria on Monday 29 October, the stage was set for another tough encounter. A perfect opening set by Australia resulted in a try wide out to Jayden Baker, converted by Dylan Izzard. Soon after, at the end of a sustained attacking effort from the Aussies, Dalton Phillips dived over from dummy half close to the posts to put his side in front 12-0 after only 6 mins.

Izzard was on the end of good hands soon after and scored on the left edge. The ball was then shifted to the right and Malachi Morgan crashed over wide out to bring the score to 20-0.

Further first half tries to Jayden Baker, Robert Tuliatu, Tom Watkins, and Izzard again saw the tourists go to the break leading 42-0

Declan Morrisey opened the scoring for the Aussies in the second half with a try down the left hand side after a slick passing exchange.

Australia did well retrieving a kick and put the ball through the hands down the left side to send Sam Collins over wide out to take Australia to over 50. It didn’t take long once again before the classy Aussies were on the board again after a switch of play saw Watkins dive over close to the posts for his second try.

With the flood gates well and truly open Dalton Phillips picked up a double four-pointer steaming onto a short ball on the left edge of the ruck. Australia 62-0.

But the Aussies were not finished and again struck down the left side just before full time with Kobe Tararo diving over.

Full time 66-0

Tries: Tom Baker 2, Dalton Phillips 2, Dylan Izzard 2, Tom Watkins 2 Malachi Morgan, Robert Tuliatu,
Declan Morrisey, Sam Collins, Kobe Tararo.

Goals: Dylan Izzard 7

Man of the Match: Sam Collins
Players’ Player: Declan Morrissey
Team List
1. Dylan Izzard
2. Jayden Baker
3. Declan Morrissey
4. Malachi Morgan
5. Billy Butler
6. Ryan Cameron
7. Luke Jurd
8. Matt Jurd
9. Chris Ostwald
10. Jack Peacock
11. Jesse Domic
12. Matthwe Butler
13. Dalton Phillips
14. Tom Watkins
15. Kobe Tararo
16. Kobi Annand
17. Sam Collins
18. Alex Fisher
19. Robert Tuliatu
(* Nineteen players competed by agreement between both controlling bodies)

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