• World Cup Withdrawal: New 2021 Rep Program Planned

    The Australian Universities team has officially withdrawn from the Students Rugby League World Cup in the wake of world restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

    The Australian Universities Rugby League board have made the decision that are unable to continue planning for the tournament that was due to be played in England in July 2021.

    The AURL informed tournament organisers that issues around funding and world travel have provided too much uncertainty for planning for the trip to continue.

    This also means the annual interstate match between NSW Universities and Queensland Universities has been cancelled.

    It had been set down for October this year to give the squad a long run in to the Students’ World Cup, which Australia would be defending for the third-straight time.

    Plans for how the 2021 university representative season could now look have also been drawn up.

    AURL Chairman Tas Baitieri said the withdrawal was a tough decision to make, but the board had little choice considering the game in the current climate.

    “It was a hard decision to make because I believe we are the only Australian team that has won their respective division of the 2008, 2013 and 2017 World Cups,” said Baitieri.

    “But when taking into consideration the uncertainty surrounding world travel and funding at this time, there seemed little other option.

    “The AURL attracts regular funding from the NRL, but obviously there has been some uncertainty for the game this year because of the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

    “Essentially though it is a pay-to-play system at this level – the majority of these trips are funded through a subsidy levied on the selected players that they must meet themselves.

    “With everyone going through difficult times, that would be a huge ask next year for students.”

    Baitieri said the AURL would now revert to their usual annual representative calendar.

    It is hoped a South Pacific championship can be initiated for October next year between teams such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and possible even Tonga and Samoa.

    That would mean the annual interstate challenge between the NSW and Queensland universities teams would go ahead towards the middle of 2021.

    The Australian Universities team at the conclusion of their matches in Fiji in 2019

    Vale Clive “Clubber” Lang, Passed Away 26 October 2019

    A veteran of many tours with the AURL, NSW Universities and NSW Tertiary representative teams, AURL Life Member Clive Lang passed away on 26 October 2019 at the age of 82.
    Clive, better known as “Clubber” by the many players he helped keep playing the game on tour through his tireless work on the massage table, has been involved with the AURL since 2004 and travelled on every AURL tour until this year when illness prevented his involvement.
    Clive also had a long association with the St George Dragons Junior Reps and was extremely proud of his involvement in his playing days with rugby league in Darwin.
    Clubber managed to celebrate many “birthdays” on all his tours and he will be sadly missed by his many friends in the AURL and rugby league generally.
    To Clive’s family the AURL sends its sincerest condolences for a great man now gone.
    Vale Clive “Clubber” Lang.

  • Aussies Win Final Fiji Tour Match vs New Zealand 62-16

    The final match of the 2019 Fiji Tour, where the AURL side competed in a quad-series between local teams representing Fiji National University and South Pacific University and fellow visiting representative team New Zealand Universities, was played 22 October at Bidesi & Buckhurst Park Suva, against the New Zealanders.
    Of course any match between these two sides is played with a lot of passion and it took both some time to settle into a rhythm, with possession changing several times in the opening 11 minutes. However, it was the Aussies who made the first break when Dylan Izzard saw a small gap down the short side and scooted over to score wide out.
    Good hands from the Aussies in the following sets allowed Izzard to turn a ball inside to Jack Brock who was able to tip on to Harrison Graham who darted in under the posts. Soon after Matt Sheppard ran a great inside line to also score under the posts and it was then Jake Sparey‘s turn to do the same.
    At the 30 minute mark Alec Bush dived over for his first try of the tour and just before the break Tent Peoples steamed onto a nice ball to score. With Izzard successful with all conversions the Aussies held a commanding 36-0 lead at half time.
    The Kiwis came out firing in the second stanza, scoring two quick tries early to put the Aussies on notice. However, the boys in green and gold quickly regained their composure when Captain Dalton Phillips scored under the posts. Sean Dermba then raced 60 metres to score wide out and when Peoples also crossed for his second, the Aussies were back in control, leading 54-10.
    The Kiwis never gave up and scored late in the match but the Aussies kicked further away in the final minutes with tries to Declan Morrissey and Matt Butler to win the match 62-16 and bring home the quad-series trophy.

    Players’ Player: Trent Peoples

    AURL 62 (Trent Peoples 2, Dylan Izzard, Harrison Graham, Matt Sheppard, Jake Sparey, Alec Bush, Dalton Phillips, Sean Dermba, Declan Morrissey, Matt Butler tries; Goals: Dylan Izzard 7, Jack Miers 2) defeated NZ Universities 16

    Team List
    1. Dylan Izzard (vc) (ACU)
    2. Jake Sparey (Griffith Uni-Logan)
    3. Declan Morrissey (ACU)
    4. Sam Collins (QUT)
    5. Nick O’Meley (Wyong TAFE)
    6. Jack Miers (Aus Trade College)
    7. Ryan Cameron (Uni of Qld)
    8. Jack Brock (Central Qld Uni)
    9. Harrison Graham (QUT)
    10. Royce Tout (Mac Uni)
    11. Trent Peoples (Uni of W’gong)
    12. Matt Butler (Griffith Uni)
    13. Dalton Phillips (c) (Mooloolabah TAFE)
    14. Alec Bush (West Syd Uni)
    15. Matt Sheppard (Uni of W’gong)
    16. Harrison Leonard (ACPE)
    17. Max Sellars (Uni of Qld)
    18. Jack Cross (Uni of W’gong)
    19. Sean Dermba (Griffith College)
    Coach: Todd Edwards
    Training Staff: Grant Stephensen (Asst Coach), Mitch Chad & Adam Meridith (Physios), Ryan Elson (S&C)
    Manager: Bob Henderson

    Third Tour Match a Win 64-6 vs Fiji National University

    The third match of the Fiji Tour was played Saturday 19 October at Bidesi Park, Suva against Fiji National University and resulted in a 64-6 win to the Aussies.
    Played in hot conditions the tourists were off to a great start scoring early when Sean Dermba gathered a short kick by Ryan Cameron to cross. Slick passing from Matt Sheppard soon saw Jack Cross score down the right edge and converted by Dylan Izzard, the Aussies held a 12-0 lead after only 10 minutes.
    Soon after a kick through from Alec Bush gave Cross his second try and it was not long before some great ball work put Izzard through to race 60 metres to sore.
    At the 27th minute mark big Harrison Leonard crashed over under the posts and soon after Declan Morrissey leapt high over his opposing winger to score in the corner.
    But the NFU side never gave in and late in the half sustained pressure on the Aussies defence saw them score just before the break. Half time AURL ahead 36-6.
    Six minutes into the second half Dermba, displaying great footwork, scored his second try out wide and set the tone for the Aussies who continued to score freely for the remainder of the match (which was stopped 10 minutes before full time due to failing light).
    AURL 64 (Tries: Sean Dermba 2, Jack Cross 2, Matt Sheppard 2, Dylan Izzard, Harrison Leonard, Declan Morrissey, Harrison Graham, Trent Peoples; Goals: Dylan Izzard 9, Jack Miers) defeated FNU 6
    Players Player: Matt Sheppard

    Team List
    1. Dylan Izzard (ACU)
    2. Jake Sparey (Grifith Uni-Logan)
    3. Declan Morrissey (ACU)
    4. Sam Collins (QUT)
    5. Sean Dermba (Griffith College)
    6. Jack Miers (Aus Trade College)
    7. Ryan Cameron (Uni of Qld)
    8. Max Sellars (QUT)
    9. Alec Bush (West Syd Uni)
    10. Matt Sheppard (Uni of W’gong)
    11. Jack Cross (Uni of W’gong)
    12. Matt Butler (Griffith Uni)
    13. Royce Tout (Mac Uni)
    14. Dalton Phillips (C) (Mooloolabah TAFE)
    15. Jack Brock (Central Qld Uni)
    16. Harrison Leonard (ACPE)
    17. Nick O’Meley (Wyong TAFE)
    18. Trent Peoples (Uni of W’gong)
    19. Harrison Graham (QUT)
    Coach: Tod Edwards
    Training Staff: Grant Stephensen (Asst Coach), Mitch Chad (Physio), Adam Meridith & Ryan Elson (Trainers)
    Manager: Bob Henderson

  • Second Tour Match a Big Win to the Aussies

    The second match on the AURL 2019 Fiji Tour was played Tuesday 16 October at Churchill Park Lautoka against their touring counterparts, New Zealand Universities, with the Aussies winning 70-0.
    Played in hot and humid conditions the Aussies started well, defending strongly and only 9 minutes into the match Sam Collins crossed for what would be the first of his 4 tries for the match. Soon after Jake Sparey scored and with Dylan Izzard converting both tries the Aussies held an early 12-0 lead and never looked back.
    Sustained pressure from Australia assisted by receiving repeat penalties, saw Declan Morrissey crash over wide out. After a series of set plays Jack Brock offloaded a great inside ball to a flying Dylan Izzard who then linked with Ryan Cameron to see him cross under the posts. Soon after the Aussies broke through the Kiwi’s left edge and Izzard gathered the ball from a kick through to score. At the 25th minute mark the Kiwi’s were clearly in trouble and their frustrations came to a head after Jack Brock crashed over and the referee award an 8 point try.
    The Aussies continued to apply pressure with Collins crossing twice, both tries converted by Jack Miers, who had taken over the kicking duties. Miers himself picked up a four pointer right on half time for the Aussies to go to the break ahead 52-0.
    An early Kiwi error in the second half gifted Sean Dermba the ball and he stepped his opposite winger to cross wide out. The heat by this stage had taken its toll on both teams but the Aussies defended strongly, Matt Butler in particular coming up with several huge hits. Nick O’Meley ran 70 metres to score late in the match and Miers collected his second near the final whistle.

    AURL 70 (Tries: Sam Collins 4, Jack Miers 2, Jake Sparey, Declan Morrissey, Ryan Cameron, Dylan Izzard, Jack Brock, Sean Dermba, Nick O’Meley; Goals: Jack Miers 6, Dylan Izzard 3. defeated New Zealand Universities 0

    Players’ Player: Sam Collins

    Team List
    1. Dylan Izzard (ACU)
    2. Jake Sparey (Griffith Uni -Logan)
    3. Declan Morrissey (ACU)
    4. Sam Collins (QUT)
    5. Nick O’Meley (Wyong TAFE)
    6. Jack Miers (Aus Trade College)
    7. Ryan Cameron (Uni of Qld)
    8. Jack Brock (Central Qld Uni)
    9. Harrison Graham (QUT)
    10. Harrison Leonard (ACPE)
    11. Jack Cross (Uni of W’gong)
    12. Trent Peoples (Uni of W’gong)
    13. Dalton Phillips (Mooloobah TAFE)
    14. Max Sellars (QUT)
    15. Matt Butler (Giffith Uni)
    16. Sean Dermba (Griffith College)
    17. Royce Tout (Mac Uni)
    18. Matt Sheppard (Uni of W’gong)
    19. Alec Bush (West Syd Uni)
    Coach: Todd Edwards
    Training Staff: Grant Stephensen (Asst Coach), Mitch Chad (Physio), Ryan Elson & Adam Meridith
    Manager: Bob Henderson

    Australia Wins First Fiji Tour Match

    In hot and humid conditions at Churchill Park Lautoka, the Australian Universities played the first match of its 2019 Fiji Tour on 14 October against University of South Pacific, defeating their host 58-0.
    The hot conditions forced the game into four 20 minute quarters and in the opening stanza both sides struggled for momentum, coming up with simple errors. However,after 10 minutes the Aussies were able to open their account scoring from a scrum, shifting the ball wide for left winger Jake Sparey to go over in the corner. At the end of the first quarter the visitors led 4-0.
    Good quick hands early in the second quarter allowed Sam Collins to crash over wide out and a long range conversion by Dylan Izzard put the Aussies ahead 10-0. Soon after some good inside/out play ended with Matt Sheppard running into a hole to score close to the posts and just before half time a slick passing movement saw Sean Dermba crash over in the corner. Izzard was successful with all conversions and the Aussies went to break in front 24-0.
    The third quarter started well for the tourists with Dermba crossing early on for his second try and soon after a dropped ball by USP gifted Jack Miers a try under the posts. The Aussies were playing with plenty of confidence and nearing the end of the quarter Declan Morrissy busted through several tackles to score. Australia in front 40-0.
    The final quarter saw Matt Butler, Miers and Collins all score tries to help give the Aussies a comfortable 58-0 victory. The home side never gave up and displayed plenty of potential for improvement as the game continues to develop in Fiji.

    AURL 58 (Tries: Jake Sparey 2, Sam Collins 2, Sean Dermba 2, Matt Sheppard, Jack Miers, Declan Morrissy, Matt Butler; Goals: Dylan Izzard 6/7, Jack Miers 3/3) defeated USP 0

    Players’ Player: Jack Miers

    Team List
    1. Dylan Izzard (ACU)
    2. Jake Sparey (Griffith Uni-Logan)
    3. Declan Morrissey (ACU)
    4. Sam Collins (QUT)
    5. Nick O’Meley (Wyong TAFE)
    6. Jack Miers (Aus Trade College)
    7. Ryan Cameron (Uni of Qld)
    8. Jack Brock (Central Qld Uni)
    9. Alec Bush (West Syd Uni)
    10. Matt Butler (Griffith Uni)
    11. Royce Tout (Mac Uni)
    12. Trent Peoples (Uni of W’gong)
    13. Dalton Phillips (Mooloobah TAFE)
    14. Max Sellars (QUT)
    15. Harrison Graham (QUT)
    16. Sean Dermba (Griffith College)
    17. Jack Cross (Uni of W’gong)
    18. Matt Sheppard (Uni of W’gong)
    19. Harrison Leonard (QUT)
    Coach: Todd Edwards
    Training Staff: Grant Stephensen (Asst Coach), Mitch Chad (Physio), Ryan Elson, Adam Meridith
    Manager: Bob Henderson

  • NSW Tertiary Residents Take Back the Tas Baitieri Cup

    Played in summer like conditions at HE Laybutt Field, Blacktown on Saturday 24 August 2019, NSW Tertiary Residents were victorious over their Queensland counterparts in the annual Tas Baitieri Tertiary Residents Interstate Challenge, winning 20-10. The conditions enabled a fast and open match which kept the healthy crowd entertained until the final whistle.
    The opening period produced a great forward tussle with both packs endeavouring to gain control, but the inability of the NSW side to maintain possession played into Queensland’s hands and Jake Kearnan scored out wide mid way through the half. The Maroons then started really rolling on with consistent play and few errors. With 10 minutes to go in the opening stanza former AURL rep player Jesse Domic charged over close to the line and near the posts to score for Queensland and the conversion by Cody Feldman saw Queensland go to the break leading 10-0.
    The break must have stirred the men in blue as they came out roaring in the second half. The visitors were able to hold the Blues out until the 20th minute when a left side back line move put winger Jason Hanna in the corner A sideline conversion by Tori Willie put NSW right back in the match trailing 10-6.
    NSW continued to focus play down their left side and it wasn’t long before Hanna crossed again in almost the same place as before to level the scores and with only minutes remaining Riki Willie scored and his brother’s conversion put the Blues in front 16-10.
    Right on full time Matt Thomas for NSW scored to make the final score 20-10.
    The encounter overall was tough and physical, played in unseasonably warm weather. Both teams can be proud of the manner in which it was played; with great skill, endurance and discipline.
    Match Awards:
    Queensland Players’ Player – Max Sellars
    NSW Players’ Player – Tori Willie
    Most Outstanding Player – Riki Willie
    NSW Tertiary Residents 20 (Tries: Jason Hanna 2, Riki Willie, Matt Thomas, Goals: Tori Willie 2) defeated Queensland Tertiary Residents 10 (Tries: Jake Kearnan, Jesse Domic, Goal: Cody Feltham)
    Team Lists
    1. Nicholas Khoury (Cumberland College)
    2. John Hunter (UTS)
    3. Tom Windeatt (UTS)
    4. Riki Willie (TAFE NSW)
    5. Jason Hanna (WS Uni)
    6. Tori Willie (TAFE NSW)
    7. Jake Vrahnos (Sydney Uni)
    8. Bruce Faufili (TAFE NSW)
    9. Shane Brown (c) (TAFE NSW)
    10. Nawruz Kanogata’a (WS Uni)
    11. Harry King (UTS)
    12. Shiem Fuimaono (TAFE NSW)
    13. Alex Kouventaris (UTS)
    14. Brady Webb (UTS)
    15. Greg Cranney (TAFE NSW)
    16. Iszak Taalili (TAFE NSW)
    17. Chris Teuma (Cumberland College)
    18. Matt Thomas (TAFE NSW)
    Coach: Matt Olsen (UTS)
    Asst Coach: Dennis Curry (TAFE NSW)
    Physio: Travis Cuscuna (UTS)
    Trainer: Ryan Elson (non-aligned)
    Manager: Bob Henderson (non-aligned)
    1. Sean Dermba (Griffith Uni)
    2. Maverick Sooalo (Griffith Uni – Gold Coast)
    3. Daniel Watkins (Griffith Uni – Logan)
    4. Patryk Koch (Uni of Qld)
    5. Jake Kearnan (Griffith Uni)
    6. Cody Feltham (Griffith Uni – Gold Coast)
    7. Nicholas Trevisiol (QUT)
    8. Kurt Sparey (Grithith Uni – Logan)
    9. Jesse Domic (Uni of Qld)
    10. Max Sellars (QUT)
    11. Laithan Joseph (Griffith Uni – Logan)
    12. Dominic Haidke (Uni of Qld)
    13. Matthew Butler (Geiffith Uni)
    14. Hayden Bartlett (QUT)
    15. Lachlan McLean (Uni of Qld)
    16. Patrick Robinson (Uni of Qld)
    17. Jordan Cairns-Hillhouse (QUT)
    18. Connor Bohan (Griffith Uni)
    Coach: Scott Barker
    Asst Coach: Blake Trace
    Trainers: Dave Ballard & Mitch Chad
    Manager: Shaun Urquhart

    Tertiary Residents Interstate Challenge Match to be Played 24 August 2019

    The annual NSW/Qld interstate match, played between teams comprising of players selected from their respective tertiary resident competitions in both states, will be played on Saturday 24 August 2019 at HE Laybutt Sports Complex, Blacktown, kick off 1.30pm.
    The teams will be competing for the Tas Baitieri Cup, currently held by the Qld Residents.
    Match report and team lists etc, will posted after the match.

  • 2019 Fiji Tour Team Announcement

    The Australian Universities Representative Team to tour to Fiji in October was announced at a function held at Easts Brisbane Leagues Club on 11 May 2019.
    The touring party will depart for Fiji on 12 October and return 23 October. Based in Suva for the duration, the team will play matches against both the Fiji Universities and the visiting New Zealand Universities, with negotiations continuing for the possible inclusion of a side representing New Guinea Universities. It will be another step along the way in Australia’s preparation to defend its Universities Rugby League World Cup title in England in 2021.
    The squad selected for the Fiji Tour is as follows:
    Jack Brock (Central Qld Uni)
    Matthew Butler (Griffith Uni)
    Ryan Cameron (Uni of Qld)
    Sam Collins (Qld Uni of Tech)
    Jack Gibbons (Aust Catholic Uni Sydney)
    Dylan Izzard (Aust Catholic Uni Sydney)
    Reed Izzard (TAFE NSW)
    Harrison Leonard (Aust College of Phys Ed)
    Jack Miers (Aust TC)
    Declan Morrisey (Aust Catholic Uni Brisbane)
    Nick O’Meley (Wyong TAFE)
    Trent Peoples (Uni of Wollongong)
    Dalton Phillips (TAFE Qld)
    Tom Rafter (Uni of Sunshine Coast)
    Josh Rogers (Southern Cross Uni)
    Matt Sheppard (Uni of Wollongong)
    Jake Sparey (Griffith Uni)
    Brayden Torpy (Central Qld Uni)
    Royce Tout (Macquarie Uni)
    Coach: Drew Dalton
    Asst Coach: Todd Edwards
    Physio: Mitch Chad
    Trainers/S&C: Ryan Elson, Grant Stephensen, Clive Lang
    Management: Bob Lennox, Bob Henderson, Mick Williams

    Queensland Win 2019 Interstate Challenge Match 28-10

    The annual Universities Interstate Challenge match was played Saturday 11 May 2019 at Langlands Park, East Brisbane, with the Queensland side keeping possession of the trophy for yet another year, defeating NSW 28-10.
    Typical of any rugby league match between the two states, it was played at high intensity and the first 20 minutes was a display of some bruising defence from both sides, until a dropped ball by the Blues near their their own line opened the door for the first try of the match to Queensland winger Jake Sparey. 10 minutes later and an intercept by Queensland centre Sam Collins saw him race down the field to score, taking his team to the break leading 10-0.
    The second half was only 5 minutes old when the NSW side made its first impression on the scoreboard, with second rower Trent Peoples barging his way over the line. The Maroons were quick to respond with Collins clocking up his double but the Blues came back moments later when Lock Royce Tout crossed under the posts.
    The match was still in the balance with 10 minutes remaining, but it was the home side who lifted, posting 3 unanswered tries; to Josh Rogers, a second for Sparey and right on the bell to hooker Jack Miers.
    Queensland Coach Mark Gliddon was full of praise for fullback Brayden Torpy and Josh Rogers:
    “I thought Torpy and Rogers were outstanding for us. However, the whole side were courageous given the big NSW pack, but we held our own” Gliddon said.
    A disappointed NSW coach Drew Dalton was proud of his team’s efforts:
    I think we were superb up the middle with our forwards, but in the end Queensland were too good out wide, making us pay for our errors” Dalton said.
    Queensland Universities 28 (Tries: Jake Sparey 2, Sam Collins 2, Josh Rogers, Jack Miers; Goals Brayden Torpy 2) defeated NSW Universities 10 (Tries: Trent Peoples, Royce Tout; Goal: Dylan Izzard
    Player of the Match:
    Dalton Phillips (Qld)
    Players’ Player:
    Qld – Josh Rogers
    NSW: Matthew Jurd
    The Teams:
    1. Brayden Torpy (Central Qld Uni)
    2. Jordan Perrins-Phillips (Murray Mallee TC)
    3. Declan Morrisy (Australian Catholic Uni Brisbane)
    4. Sam Collins (Qld Uni of Tech)
    5. Jake Sparey (Griffith Uni)
    6. Josh Rogers (Southern Cross Uni)
    7. Josh James (Qld Uni of Tech)
    15. Cody McIntosh (Central Qld Uni)
    9. Jack Miers (Australin TC)
    10. Jack Brock (Central Qld Uni)
    11. Ryan Cameron (Uni of Qld)
    16. Tom Rafter (Uni of Sunshine Coast)
    13. Dalton Phillips (C) (TAFE Qld)
    8. Dylan Haiijer (TAFE Qld)
    12. Brock Richardson All Trades Qld)
    14. Harrison Graham (Qld Uni of Tech)
    17. Matt Butler (Griffith Uni)
    18. Hector Hilberto (Uni of Qld)
    Coach: Mark Gliddon
    Asst Coach: Jody Barlow
    Physio: Mitch Chad
    Trainers/S&C: Henry I’iga & Paul Hamson
    Management: Trad McLean & Martin Unicomb

    1. Dylan Izzard (Australian Catholic Uni Sydney)
    2. Samaka Isaacs (Macquarie Uni)
    3. Nick O’Meley (Wyong TAFE)
    4. Jack Gibbons (Australian Inst of Fitness)
    5. Brayden Stewart-Thomas (Wollongong TAFE)
    6. Tom Watkins (Edith Cowan Uni)
    7. Luke Jurd (Uni of Wollongong)
    8. Matthew Jurd (C) (Uni of Wollongong)
    9. Maverick Tweedie (Wollongong TAFE)
    10. Matt Sheppard (Uni of Wollongong)
    11. Trent Peoples (Uni of Wollongong)
    12. Reed Izzard (TAFE NSW)
    13. Royce Tout (Macquarie Uni)
    14. Alec Bush (Western Sydney Uni)
    15. Harrison Leonard (Aust. College of Physical Ed)
    16. Jack Cross (Uni of Wollongong)
    17. Alex Fisher (Uni of Wollongong)
    18. Cheyne Pike (Illawarra TAFE)
    Coach: Drew Dalton
    Asst Coach: Luke Muttdon
    Physio: Adam Meridith
    Trainers/S&C:Ryan Elson & Clive Lang
    Management: Bob Henderson & Mick Williams