Player Eligibility Requirements

For a player to participate in an Australian Universities Rugby League (AURL) match or international tour, he must be eligible to seek selection under the Australian University Sport (AUS) By Law of Selection Criteria and Procedures for AUS Athletes, accordingly he must:

  • Be enrolled and currently proceeding in a course of study at a university, TAFE, tertiary institution or recognised college. For the purposes of this sub-clause “currently proceeding” includes the fact that the player is not deferred from his course of study at the time eligibility is to be met; and
  • Following team selection for an AURL match or international tour, provide proof to the AURL and AUS of compliance with clause (1) above by providing a completed Certificate of Academic Eligibility, signed by the institution registrar to which the player is enrolled.
  • If a player is selected under the AUS Athlete Selection By Law, the eligibility requirements under Clause 6.1 of the AUS By Law of Selection Criteria and Procedures for AUS Athletes must continue to be met to the satisfaction of the AURL and AUS until the cessation of the relevant match or international tour for which the player was selected.
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